Coffee and love does go together FOREVER

As a normal part of our day, we would both stop and get our Dunkin Donut coffee to get our day started.  Well…Let me say… “I walked in for coffee and left with the love of my life!”

Standing in line we began a conversation, Andy heard me speaking on the phone explaining to my friend that I recently moved to the Boca area to start a new life.  At the conclusion of the call Andy said, “We all have ex-relationships.”  After obtaining our coffee he invited me to sit down and chat.  Let’s just say that conversation lead to falling in love and now being married to my best friend, lover, partner, and husband.

We were married on January 7th.  However, we wanted to help our children with a few important items in their lives first before we had our own celebration.  One daughter was getting married In March. And other daughter was moving to a new location with her husband.  As parents, we wanted to put our children first and make certain they were all settled in their lives and their celebrations. 

We were planning on moving to our new home.  Purchasing new furniture and moving to our new Condo on the beach.  We needed to take care of a few other items prior to having our own celebration.  It was a very busy time with many activities happening close together and we knew we needed help.  We began the search and interview process but we were just not happy until….

I had to attend a meeting at the Stone Gate Bank Building 301 Yamato Road.  And when I walked in to attend the meeting I had to stop in my tracks, for before my eyes was the most beautiful reception I have ever seen.  I stopped and inquired about the space.  Everyone was so helpful, kind and willing to answer my questions.

The next evening we made an appointment and it was the best decision we ever made.  We book our celebration for May 3.  The staff made it so easy for us.  They understood our needs and desires.  The decorations by Lucy Celebration were stunning and over the top. 

The music by Mike Sipe’s entertainment was beyond awesome. They had everyone up dancing from the young to the old. The sound system, the music, the DJ and lights were perfect for the room, environment and setting.

Our photographer, Rumin’s Photography, was beyond exceptional.  Her work gives us lasting memories forever.  She was so easy to work with.

The flowers from Honey Bunch were elegant. The flowers were tasteful and yet economic at that same time. The flowers added richness to our celebration.

And no gay wedding celebration would be complete without a Drag Queen.  South Beach’s finest drag queen, performed with the assistance and cooperation of the Pavilion Grille.  It was a show stopping hit.  Especially, when Dad, at a young 83, got up to dance with the Drag Queen, our guests roared!

The staff at the Pavilion Grille prepared food that was so beautifully displayed, so delicious, and so perfect in every aspect.  The staff constantly made sure throughout the entire evening that we were completely satisfied.  They were concerned with every detail from beginning to end. The staff is most attentive to your needs before, during and after your event.  And even a follow up call to make certain your expectations were met!

Our guests today still talk about what a great event we had for our celebration event.  The night was made complete by family, friends, coworkers, members from our parish but most of all it was made complete by the staff of the Pavilion Grille. We have recommended this location numerous times since our party and we will continue to recommend this professional group of talented people.

The night was made complete when my brother made a toast with champaign in Dunkin Donuts coffee cups that he and his wife placed at each placing seating.

The moral of this love story is…you never know where love will find you!  You go in for coffee and come out with the love of your life!  We are truly blessed!  And we are most thankful to the Pavilion Grille for making our night so special!  Thank you!

Our 5 Tips to a Successful Event:

  1. Select vendors that you have a “gut-comfort” level with.
  2. Listen attentively and take notes.
  3. Ask for references, pictures, and ask lots of questions.
  4. Have one point of contract that can and will be of assistance to you.
  5. Enjoy! Relax! And Party!  This is your day!!!


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    Rumin Photography

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