To say that we have history is an understatement. We have been in each other’s lives since we were nine years old. Although we did not know it we were going to come together again for many years to come. Ninth grade is when we really started dating. Freshman year of high school had to be the most interesting. We lived, laughed, loved, and lost. It is cliché to say, but we were each other’s first love. Head over heels in love with each other. I (Kayla) look back and think we loved each other at a wrong time. My dad had a hard time accepting I wanted to be with a girl and Katherine’s mom felt the same way. As hard as we tried, nothing prepared us for our separation. Taken from school, Katherine and I could only meet on the weekends. We dreamed of life after school, planned the names of kids, spoke of days past. And then, we couldn’t do it anymore. Tired of the stress, the excuses, and the difficulties, we went our separate ways. Katherine stayed in school close to home and I enlisted in the military. We kept in touch every now and again and reminisced on days past. Eventually I went back to Miami and when we met, the spark reignited. We picked up right where we left off. The rush couldn’t have been better. But, we were no longer the same. We had matured, learned some hard lessons of life, and knew it wouldn’t be the same. It’s this change that led us to realize we were ready for this love. Katherine proposed to me with a ring pop. Just showed up at the house, went down on one knee, and told me all the reasons we could make this work. I agreed and here we are a year later going strong and we don’t plan on changing that any time soon.

Our ceremony was held in Fort Lauderdale in the Sonesta Hotel. We were located on a beach front and our ceremony was conducted on a large balcony overlooking the beach. Our officiant, Peggy Lewis of Florida Ceremonies, tailored our wedding to our personal story and did a fantastic job capturing the core of who we are. The reception was held in the penthouse where our guests got to view the beaches from up above. The hotel catered the event, however, Munchies on a Stick created our beautiful wedding cake. Everyone loved both the food, cake, and desserts. Since Katherine’s mom owns a landscaping business, Ooh La Lawn, she created our centerpieces with flowers she picked out, our close friend provided music for the reception, and another friend took the pictures. Although family and friends attending also provided their own personal pictures.

Now we are enjoying life in Olympia, Washington. I am a veteran currently working as a supervisor in Office Depot and my wife Katherine is currently getting her affairs in order to join the Air Force. We have two very spoiled dogs who take advantage of our bed at every turn, partially our fault, but they’re our babies. We are talking about having kids soon and we are more than excited to see where our life will take us next.


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