They Met

We met in Chicago and both lived in the same neighborhood. We would see each other fairly frequently around, at the gym, at the coffee shop, etc., and would always give a friendly wave to each other. There was definitely a familiarity that we sensed, but also we just had a good old-fashioned mutual attraction. Kevin was a personal trainer at the neighborhood gym, so Buck decided to hire him, admittedly with an agenda to get to know him. There was such awesome and electric chemistry between the two that they decided to finish up the last of 8 sessions and fire each other from the professional part of their relationship, so that they could go out on a date. It was the perfect way to get to know each other, really. There were no first date rules or pretenses, but we were just able to be authentic with one another and get to know each other in a friendly way, before we actually went on our first date.

The Proposal

Our engagement story is decidedly unglamorous, but completely fitting for us as a couple. While visiting family in Kevin’s hometown, we ended up eating a late dinner at an Applebee’s in Lakeland, Florida. We were having another of our conversations about what it would be like “when we get married” and Buck said “When will that be?” So, we both decided in a mutual conversation that it was time to stop talking about when it will happen and make it happen. That’s how our relationship works; we view each other as equal partners, so everything stems from a mutual conversation and agreement. That isn’t to say that there isn’t spontaneity or romance in our daily lives, because there is. It’s that when it comes to the major decisions of “us,” as a couple, we both get equal say and consideration.

About Us

We have both partnered up on the business that Kevin started in 2012- Fortune Training and Coaching, to help Kevin as the business continues to grow.

Buck is also the Executive Director of the Susan Poorman-Blackie Ovarian Cancer Foundation and Kevin is joining in to help out there, because the Foundation is very close to both of their hearts.

Although we live in Austin, TX, the beautiful beaches of Miami seem like a second home to us. Our goal is to have a second home there in the coming years. The ocean is definitely good for both of our souls, so we make our way down the South Florida Coastline as often as we can!


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