We both live in Florida.  Lisa was born and raised in NY and Casey was born and raised here.  Casey is the Fitness Manager and Instructor at Ellen’s Ultimate Workout as well as a co-owner at the Cooper City location of Orange Theory Fitness.  Lisa is a Franchise Development Specialist at Orange Theory Fitness Corporate Headquarters located in Boca Raton. We bought a house in Davie that we completely renovated and turned it into our home where we live with our two children Andrew 9, Evan 7 and with our 3-year-old Goldendoodle named COOP.

How did you meet?

As common as this will sound and we are far from common, lol we met at the fitness studio where Casey was Lisa’s trainer.  It certainly was not a love connection initially.  We became true and wonderful friends which turned into the greatest love story ever to be told.

Your first date?

Our first date was in Fort Lauderdale at a romantic yet trendy and fun restaurant called Tuscan Grill.  It was cute.  Wine and sharing meals.  Feeling beautiful and happy and in love and free.

The proposal?

Casey proposed to Lisa on August 8, 2015, on her great grandmother’s birthday with her great grandmother’s engagement ring.  She and two of their closest friends created a flyer for a fake “Beach Clean Up” with The Boys and Girls Club of America as their friends are active with that organization.  They arrived at Fort Lauderdale Beach in the rain, Lisa having no idea, was to meet up with their friends.  When they arrived, there was a small speaker playing their song, “My Love,” by Lionel Richie.  The words beyond accurately describe their relationship, their lives before each other and their lives as one.  As they walked further on to the beach, Casey had a huge blanket set up with all of Lisa’s favorite things.  Her favorite wine, candy, chocolates, pictures of them throughout the course of their togetherness, flowers delivered to her while they were there.  A photographer who was hidden took pictures the whole time.  And then on one knee she proposed and the rest is history.

The wedding planning?

The wedding planning was at times incredibly stressful but mostly very exciting.  Initially we were planning to have our wedding at our home but that plan was canceled as we quickly realized that creating a venue from our own backyard was nearly impossible lol!  We then hired Amanda Avila, our Wedding Coordinator.  With her expertise and the incredible vision of our Wedding Designer, Richard Grille of Richard Grille Events our Plan B was everything but.  Not a Plan B at all. Truly exquisite.

Your wedding attire and experience at Zola Keller?

Working with Zola and Peta and everyone else there was truly amazing.  For Lisa, the selection of dresses was beyond extensive.  It’s funny, a bride goes in with a vision of what she wants to look like, with the silhouette of the dress she imagines.  Then she puts it on and it is not at all what she pictured.  The beauty of Zola and her crew is that they know what will look great.  They already know what will make you feel beautiful.  And, they won’t stop until they find something that combines the bride’s vision with the right dress, THE DRESS! For Casey, her experience was the same for different reasons.  She was not looking for a dress.  She had dream of a fabulous tuxedo with a feminine flare.  That is exactly what she wore.  Zola and her team worked feverishly to measure and choose the right cut, the perfect color and texture for fabric. Once again, they didn’t stop until they combined Casey’s vision with the right tux.  THE TUX!

Your wedding day?

It started early in the morning with our close friends and family in our hotel room for champagne, hair, and makeup by Jen Swantek and Aaron Escobar respectively. Our wedding day was nothing short of magical.  It was the perfect bridge between Lisa and Casey.  It was traditional and modern and cozy and sophisticated and beachy and filled with love from the beginning of ceremony to last dance.  Remember the proposal?  Well, Mark, one of the friends that helped Casey plan her proposal presided over the ceremony and was incredible.  Only our nieces and nephews walked down the aisle ahead of us and when it was our turn we were escorted by our two beautiful boys.

First dance song?

My Love by Lionel Richie

What’s next?

We think for us our “next” will be our best.


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