CrepeMaker will go anywhere anytime. We will build what looks like a little French cart (dimensions are 6′ x 6′ x 8-1/2′ high). We have all white or all red units. CrepeMaker sets out a menu of 12 entrées and 13 desserts. Guests choose from the menu or can create their own crepe. We can also offer gluten free batter). You can order our full menu or just do entrées or desserts.  Our crepes are handheld but we can always accommodate your wishes. We can work off electricity or we can be self-contained in an area that has no power.  We are great for weddings, dinner the night before or the brunch the day after.
Our motto is “We don’t just make good food, we do good with our food” – through fundraisers, donations, and through our cultural enrichment program with schools. Ranked as one of the top catering companies in Florida by TripAdvisor.  Enjoyed by ages 4 and up. Text or call us at 305-726-5203 or email us at
In business since 1992.
Have a Crepe Day!