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5 Reasons Why You Need a Photo Booth at Your LGBT Wedding

Your wedding is only one day of the many that will make up your marriage, but it’s the day that all your loved ones gather together to celebrate you and your long awaited union. If you’re looking to throw the party of the year, we know just the thing that will guarantee a good time – a photo booth!

Who hasn’t struck a pose for the photo booths in malls and arcades? These instant printing picture machines have been reinvented to make sure your wedding is anything but boring. Here are five reasons why your guests will be thanking you for hiring a photo booth:

Break the Ice

Consider this – you’re bringing together a group of people who don’t have anything in common other than their love for you. There will be plenty of awkward small talk but a photo booth breaks the ice and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Before you know it, complete strangers will be posing for silly pictures together.

Fun for all

When it comes to photo booths, age ain’t nothing but a number. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents will be lining up to smile for the camera. Photo booths strike the perfect balance between novelty and nostalgia that appeals to every generation.

Show off your personality

Silly hats and glasses are a no-brainer but the photo booth is also an opportunity for you to infuse your pride and personality into your wedding day. Are you a booklover? Create a backdrop out of books! Love to sail? Let your guests play dress up with themed props! Get creative with your props, photo strip logo, and backdrop to add flavor where it’s least expected.

Share the love

Welcome to the twenty-first century where photo booths can post your pictures to social media on the spot! If you have guests who can’t attend your wedding, they can follow along on Facebook as your pictures post in real-time. Capture POD Photo Booths in Miami also has technology that lets you text and email photos to yourself or others!


Wedding favors get a bad wrap, and we understand why. No one finds a bag of coated almonds very appealing. Most often, they’re left behind on tables and your money ends up wasted! Luckily you can skip traditional favors when you hire a photo booth. Your guests will leave with handfuls of photo strips that they’ll treasure forever. Be sure to work with your photo booth vendor to customize your prints with text and graphics!

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Do We Need Entertainment?

Do we need an event planner?

What would you like to achieve with your wedding? The answer should be to entertain my guest and ensure they have an awesome experience. Most importantly, a wedding or event planner will allow the couple to enjoy the planning process without the “headaches.”

All events, whether a wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate function, bar-mitzvah – the  goal  is to make sure your guest feel taken care of,  special and entertained. You can provide your guests with spectacular menu items, while offering them elements of surprise that keep them visually excited. All of these can occur with or without music and entertainment – but music no matter how subtle, makes the difference. An enchanting string quartet can enhance the flavor of the mood and add so much. A mime can place a smile on your guests face. A live band guarantees that your guests have just attended the best event ever.

We need to save money on our wedding – why not cut the entertainment?

Absolutely not. Your wedding won’t be the way you have dreamed it would be. An experienced DJ can take care of making sure everyone has a good time. It is essential that there is music. Your guests need to be engaged with you and your wedding. If they were entertained -your event will be talked about for a lifetime. You will have unforgettable pictures, one of a kind memories and ensure smiles that speak for themselves and show everyone’s joy.

Choosing the right entertainment for each event is crucial. Asking the right questions to make sure that a Drag Diva is for you or A Spanish Flamenco dancer will take your dinner guest on an international journey, is where the professional planner’s experience comes into play. Creating the right package and matching it to the right guests sets the tone of your special day.

This is your day and a lot of planning and detail goes into making it flawless. Leave it to the professional to achieve what you have dreamed of.

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