How We Met

We both worked part-time jobs at Athleta in Atlanta, a women’s athletic apparel store. We shared mutual friends, and initially felt that was a reason we should not date. However, after several interactions in between our shifts, our undeniable chemistry led us to give love a chance! Everything fell into place very naturally from there.

The Proposal

Once we realized we both wanted to marry each other, we began window shopping for rings to find out what we each of us liked. The window shopping resulted in actual purchases one day, which started the “who’s going to propose first” clock. We both wanted to propose to each other, because we didn’t think either one of us should miss out on the experience. Months went by where we teased each other about how much longer the other one was going to have to wait. Surprisingly, the proposals ended up taking place in the same week, with similar themes. Tamara beat Katrina to the proposal by 2 days, because Katrina accidentally guessed Tamara’s plans, and Tamara decided to move her date up to recreate the surprise.

One of our favorite pass times was taking evening walks to have dinner or drinks. We lived in a highly walkable neighborhood. On the night Tamara proposed, we were taking a walk, and came to the bridge that had our favorite view of the city. A boom box was on the bridge, ready with our favorite songs. Tamara asked Katrina for a dance, spun her, and then got down on a knee to propose. Katrina said yes.

Because the Athleta was close to our shared home, we would walk each other home from work after either one of us worked a shift. On the night Katrina proposed, she’d decorated the path to their home, the entry way, and the living room with flowers, candles, and balloons that had cards with love notes attached to them. Once Tamara had read all the notes and made it into the main part of their home, Katrina knelt to propose. Tamara said yes!

We knew we wanted to be married on New Year’s Eve, because it’s a time for new beginnings. We also had the idea that we wanted to have a warm wedding, ideally with a boat involved. Our research landed us on Sundream Yachts. The decision to book them as our reception venue is how having a Florida wedding in winter began.

About Us

Katrina is a Recruiting Manager for a technology company. Tamara has transitioned from a high school science teacher to an emergency medical technician. They live in San Jose (which Katrina’s job relocated them to). So, the wedding planning was more of a destination than originally planned. It worked out perfectly, though, with warm weather in winter, a negotiated ceremony venue at the W Fort Lauderdale because of the holiday, and beaches for guests to enjoy in the days surrounding the wedding.


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